Cruel Summer

It has been my experience that there is no such thing as planning for the future. Sure you can make them, but you better have a plan B and C ready to go, and you better build those with an escape hatch or two in case they start to take on water. Whenever I haven’t done this, and remained focused on my bullet proof, can’t lose Plan A is when I’ve gotten myself in trouble. It doesn’t matter how simple, clever, or well thought out it may be, Plan A really stands for ‘plan to cover your ass’.

Of course, I didn’t follow my own advice. Apparently I needed a refresher course on what happens to the best laid plans of mice and men, or the consequences of counting your chickens before they hatch, and they have been pretty hard lessons indeed. ¬†Without going into details, let’s just say I have attained a hereto unknown realm of broke-ness that will from here on be referred to as “The Tim.”

So what does one do when they screw up like this? Well, after I shook off the feeling of impending doom, and the realization that my life was in a tailspin, I crawled out of my fetal position and did the only thing I could, and that was deal with the situation. I started floating applications for a second job, which has landed me a 20 hour a week position at the sporting goods counter of my friendly local WalMart. It’s not much, but it will allow me to pay off my incurred debt in a much more timely fashion. As an added bonus, they’re paying me more than target offered, AND I’ll be selling guns and ammunition, which always makes me smile. I wonder if I can convince them to carry ARs?

When I re-launched, I figured I’d write a few product reviews here and there, and comment about whatever I felt like writing about at a given time. There might be the occasional interruption from time to time when grad school got heavy, but I’d bounce back when I could with some amusing story or unlikely adventure. Well, I’ve certainly gotten my unlikely adventure, and truth be told? I’m kind of looking forward to this.

I’m planning on it.

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